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The most obvious entrance to Iejirokarthel, translated from the Draconic as “Blood Home,” is located at the deepest part of an enormous sinkhole. The sinkhole is extremely treacherous to climb, made more so by jagged rocks near the opening. The kobold inhabitants of Iejirokarthel sharpen many of these rocks, ensuring that climbing lines eventually slice in two.

An inconspicuous set of narrow stairs has been built into the sinkhole wall, leading down to an entranceway that further descends into a gloomy dungeon of roughly hewn walls and labyrinthine corridors. This dungeon is populated with giant vermin and undead monsters that never disappoint adventurers in search of a challenge.

In reality, the dungeon is a front. It serves as a practice ground for kobold trapmakers to implement their latest inventions and for young kobolds to test their mettle against adventurers. Iejirokarthel’s kobolds deliberately created the dungeon as a ruse to defl ect interest away from their actual lair, located even deeper underground and accessed through hidden entranceways.
The lair has 5-foot-high ceilings and a meticulous layout. Its
architecture incorporates images and sculptures of dragons
wherever space permits. Almost every wall in Iejirokarthel
is adorned with a carved depiction of kobold history.
Defensive Front
The fi rst tier of this kobold lair, where it is closest to the
surface world, primarily consists of barracks for augmenting
sorcerers, offensive sorcerers, and warriors. These
barracks are concentrated near each entranceway, along
with quarters for any specialists trained in maintaining
the warriors’ equipment.
Svent, Dire Weasel Trainer: A wide den has been
mined out here to accommodate several animals. A kobold
named Svent breeds dire weasels in this den, and he trains
them for fi ghting and riding. It is one of the most raucous
parts of Iejirokarthel and definitely the most pungent,
being saturated with musk.
Irthos, Master Trapmaker: In this workshop, larger
than the spaces afforded to most kobold specialists, Irthos
designs and constructs her traps, aided by numerous
apprentices. The workshop is located close to the false
dungeon, allowing for easy access to the labyrinth.
Residential Ring
The second tier contains common living quarters. Kobold
workers and specialists eat and sleep in this area. Each
professional family deliberately groups together to occupy
the same locale. The inhabitants have diverted two springs
to form pools for swimming.
The Hatchery: If the living quarters form a gigantic wheel,
then the hub is a large chamber reserved for the hatchery.
All females come here to lay their eggs. Fosterers remain
continually vigilant over these eggs and raise the hatched
wyrmlings until they are old enough to join the tribe.
Temples of Kurtulmak: Two temples to Kurtulmak
grace this lair. One is in a mined-out area between districts
occupied by professional families where adepts and clerics
live and raise kobold wyrmlings designated for a specifi c
purpose. The second is at the end of a heavily trapped corridor,
quite removed from the living quarters on this level.
It is within this second temple that the tribal treasures are
safeguarded. (For a detailed map of this temple and the
route to its location, see page 49.)
Staging Area
The third tier is where most of the bustle of tribal life takes
place. Ore is processed and smelted on this level, and kobold
miners start their day here before marching into the mines.
All the practical professions congregate here, including
alchemists, blacksmiths, demolitionists, jewelers, hunters,
pragmatic and preemptive sorcerers, and stonemasons.
Verth, All-Watcher: The all-watcher of Iejirokarthel
maintains his residence here, allowing him to monitor
the daily activities of his tribe. Verth also likes to remain
near the most experienced spellcasters of his lair (the
instructors) in case preemptive sorcerers need to impart
any breaking information. Strict and practical, Verth keeps
his tribe content with demanding projects.
The Common Room: As the largest open space in
Iejirokarthel, this room is big enough to accommodate
a Colossal dragon, but it is more frequently used at the
beginning of each day when the entire lair performs the
Searching for the Dragon ritual. Bonding ceremonies
between kobolds are also held in this room, in addition
to sorcerer vows. When not otherwise in use, which is
most of the time, this roughly hewn room is where kobold
sorcerers train to harness their abilities.

Home City

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